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We offer a range of  Entrepreneurial Guidebooks. Each one is expertly put together by our extensive team and are tailored to the South African market. These books are downloadable and packed full of insightful information. Once you choose what book you would like to purchase, simply click the Buy now button on the item and you will be taken to our online store. 

Business Handshake

Get Funded DIY Kit

Do you want to secure funding for your business, and do you prefer to apply on your own?

This book will give you what you need to steer your own business funding process.



Image by Siavash Ghanbari

How to Manage Difficult Clients

An insightful guidebook that will help you to prepare and manage difficult clients.

This downloadable book has our top secret tips of proactive business building ideas to incorporate into your company, and help you to avoid not only unhappy clients, but also to take care of yourself so that you are in a better position to remain stress-free when challenging situations arise.



Organized Desk

Organise Your Office

Do you need help organising your business to be more efficient?

We have compiled an exclusive guide with templates that will assist you to be more in control of your sales, your expenses, your tasks and your time!



Designer's World

How to Stop Procrastinating and Build your Business

In this guide we have compiled our top tips and tricks to helping you to concentrate on starting and growing your own business!