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Please read what our clients have to say!

We have created business plans and raised successfully capital for a range of industries, including manufacturing, IT, hospitality, agriculture, petrol stations, automotive, business services, civil engineering, mining, logistics, retail, and the energy sector.

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"Funding Connection has provided a service that stands out because of its efficiency. I have found that the business plans have helped me to achieve a clear direction for our business. The way the business plan was structured has exceeded my expectations. It was very professional.


I recommend using their services because they deliver what they advertise. Their professionalism  and communication has been excellent, and I would have wanted anything different."

Elisabeth B.

“Thanks very much, I was able to secure the grant with your business plan, special thanks to the great team who worked so hard, to make this happen."

Siphiso M.

"Funding Connection provides a valuable service. This is especially true since many people have started businesses and are not good at the documentation aspect required by funders. I needed a financial forecast, but I did not know how to do it with as much detail. With their financial forecast, I have been able to meet the requirements for my grant application.


I was guided through the process, and they were also happy to go the extra mile. They are easily accessible and responded quickly. The consultants were clear, concise, and friendly. I can’t think of anything that I would change. They fulfilled my requirements and exceeded my expectations."

Tholakele Z.

Young Man

— Name, Title

"Funding Connection has provided me with quality service. They have shown such professionalism while assisting with applying for the funding that I need. Since I have worked alongside the team, I have come to understand my business more. I have learned so much, and I now see things differently.


I would recommend Funding Connection because they were excellent and were very patient with communication." 

Nontobeko S.

"Funding Connection is unique with their customer service. They show personal care towards each individual assignment. They have provided me quality work with a quick turnaround time.


The communication with the team has been excellent and I was able to influence the final products look and feel. I would not have done anything differently."

Cebisile N.

Doctor's Appointment

"Funding Connection's services have stood out because of their quick responses and the team experience. I now have a successful business plan. The business plan they have exceeded my expectations with has given me a great chance to receive funding from government institutions.


The team that worked on my business plan has made me happy with how excellent the communication has been."

Ivy M.

"I just want to tell you that I received the plan. It's so well crafted I am impressed. I think I am going to bring you more business once I can get money for this project. In a nutshell everything looks good and I am happy."

- Bongani C.

Confident Businessman

"Thank you so much – I’ve made my way through the business plan: It’s given me plenty of food for thought and I particularly enjoyed the research. Overall we feel the Business Plan was worth every penny and I sincerely appreciate the timely delivery thereof. "

- Tian N.

"I've had sometime to look at the final version and I'm impressed by the work delivered, thank you. " 

- Sandile N.

"I would like to thank you, most sincerely, for taking the time to research and compile our plan. I hope and feel it's a start of something huge in South Africa and worldwide.


It was a great experience, experiencing your patient and self relating service that makes one feel important.

I hope that this is a start of a long-term working relationship."

- Sbongseny M.

"I first of all would like to thank Funding Connections for the best collaborated business plan. I am so happy about it. 

Secondly the staff I had a chance to interact with were very professional. They made follow ups for additional information needed from me until it was acquired. 

I really commend the staff from Funding Connections for the great job they are doing with their clients."

- Sihle M.

"I chose to train through Funding Connection as l was aware that it is the most reputable organisation for funding services in South Africa.


The course content was excellent with a good balance between theory and practical application, which l think was a great way to learn. 


This course has indeed given me a more cemented view both my work and personal life in such a positive way already.  I have been able to employ the skills and tips I learnt, with great results almost immediately."

- Thabo Q.

"My Business Plan was done exceptionally well. thank you for the hard work and research put into it"

- Njabulo M.

"On behalf of our company, I want to forward our gratitude and great appreciation for your professionalism and high ethical leadership. You have done wonderful work for us, such as our Business plan, company profile, and Application for Operation Vula at KZN EDTEA. We salute you for the good work.We will recommend and tell others about your great service and work." 

- Zintho M.

"Wow, I'm blown away, thank you for such a good and thorough plan!"

- Jennifer H.

"I can confirm that I have received and gone through the business plan. I would like to say a huge thank you! Your consulting service, business plan and financial forecast are exactly what we needed to apply for funding. I look forward to working with you for any of our future business ventures"

- Lloyd S.

"Thank you so much for the great effort that you put into the business plan.  It has definitely given us a structured map towards what we need to achieve."

- Serusha S.

"This document is very extensive and looks very impressive, well done on turning it around so quickly.


I will be taking sometime this week to carefully go through the documents provided.


Many thanks for your efforts thus far."

- Nadeem P.

"Wow! This business plan looks amazing! Thank you for all the hard work Wade, I really appreciate it and it looks top quality. Thanks again Wade and team."

- Sebastian R.

"I am blown away by the presentation you have designed for me, it has made me so much more confident for presentation day! Thank you."

- Spheni N.

"I would like to thank you for the excellent business plan that you have compiled for us. It is quite overwhelming and drawn up very professionally. I am humbled and extremely grateful. I would now like to know what our next step will be should we be interested in your assistance with funding options and applications."

- Lavona D.

“I acknowledge the receipt of my business plan and I would like to further extend my gratitude for the excellent service and professionalism that you have shown to me so far. Once again, Thank you so much.”

- William X.

“My partner and I have gone over the business plan and are pleased to say that we are very happy with what we see. Thank you for creating a great business plan that we can be proud of.”

- Marius A.

"Thank you so much for the telephone call and your most valuable information and contribution to our project. I have read the document and understand the contents. I am over-excited about this document and wish to applaud you for your outstanding work.  Much appreciated.”

- Mike J.

“I have been receiving and reading a lot of your communication and I want to thank you for the valuable insights you provide our company with. We are also using MailChimp based on the one newsletter you have forwarded me in which you introduced Mailchimp to us. So again thank you very much for your insights.”

- Johan S.

“I have been following the company since 2012. Their advice and expertise is valuable, especially for us upcoming entrepreneurs. Keep up with the great sharing of business ideas and consulting.”

- Bongani S.

“We do get into a blind spot when seeing things only from our perspective, and thinking what a wonderful idea we have, surely this should attract a funder. I will take your comments through into a new version that captures all of your recent comments/questions.”

- Bado.

"We are busy reworking the plan with your recommendations and will apply your guidelines/structure to give a clear and concise plan that will show all our strengths and uses of funds and ROI."

- Giraldo H.

"Thanks for the review, you really kicked the plan in the teeth and outlined very important issues we really never deemed necessary."

- Siphiwe K.

"My experience with Funding Connection was extremely informative and helpful, and we restructured my business model in a consulting session…Thanks a million!"

- Revashti L.

  "I found Funding Connection by googling funding opportunities for a start-up business. I am always slightly cautious about finding companies on the internet, but Dagmar was professional from the word go.

I felt comfortable to pay the commitment fee from our first correspondence. Dagmar helped me to address issues in my business plan and projections which, in hindsight, was crucial and critical. Dagmar made sure that all my figures made sense and that all the information was accurate. I now have a SOLID business plan which I can use to make sure I am on track when I start my endeavour."

- Dricus P.

“I’ve met Funding Connection just to ask for some advice for some events I wanted to organise and to maybe getting sponsorship on it. Dagmar Breiling immediately came up with some very useful solutions and ideas. Then Funding Connection offered me a template for a business plan without charging me a cent! I am very grateful for her help and knowledge. I could make use of this valuable information and got the outcome I’ve intended to have. Thank you, Dagmar and the Funding Connection Team for your great advise and generosity.”

- Birgit W.

“Funding Connection with Dagmar’s guidance was extremely helpful and efficient in assisting me to register the NPO for our business. She is always available and answers questions when required. A really good job is almost complete.”

- Jenni Underwood.

"Funding Connection has helped me to clarify my business goals including financial goals and strategy. I have had great benefit from their advice and will continue to use their services regarding funding and marketing as I go along. I can absolutely recommend their realistic and integral approach to business at large and their personal attention to individual client's needs."

- Susanne T.

"My experience with Dagmar Breiling at Funding Connection has been a very pleasant and professional one. I worked closely with her to develop the business plan while she applied for the CIS grant at DTI."

- Alison T.

"I set up my shoe factory, and with the support of Funding Connection I was able to access IDC funding, and I also got the DTI grant approved. If you are not too sure, where to apply ask Funding Connection. They can assist you and guide you through the whole process."

- Jonathan M.

"We are in the process to access the MCEP grant from DTI. Funding Connection’s assistance goes beyond our expectation. I must place on record my sincere thanks for all that you are doing on my behalf."

- Bobby.

"Thank you very much for the business profile we are very happy with it."

- Nosihle Z.

"We wanted to set up a manufacturing factory, and Funding Connection was able to assist us in different ways. Funding Connection applied for subsidies from the German government for training. Funding Connection’s application for a matching grant for our feasibility study was also accepted, and KZN Growth Fund is ready to finance our new factory based on the business plan and application done by her. If you want to know, where and how to apply for grants and funding you should contact Funding Connection. We can highly recommend this company."

- Allsolar.

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