Our coaching and mentoring programme is for individual business coaching for both start-ups and expanding or growing business owners.


You can book a full day with our Dagmar Breiling to discuss your business idea. She will help you find a solution on how and where to start developing your idea and a strategy on how to make it successful. This is a 6-hour individual workshop in our Durban office in Hillcrest. It will leave you with a step-by-step action plan to start and grow your business to its full potential. You will learn about the opportunities with or without funding to start your business. We will also help you develop a solid business model, cost effective marketing strategy and sales funnel that best suits your business venture. If this workshop interests you, please contact our office. The fee for this VIP Day is R15 000.

You can also book a full day with Dagmar Breiling to discuss your ideas of growth, sales and profits for your business. In this full-day workshop, Dagmar will help you develop an action plan, a redefined business model, a marketing strategy and sales funnel to help your business reach its full potential and will help you ensure future growth in your business. She will help you look at systems and processes and create ideas. She will simplify them for everybody involved. Invest some time, concentrate on your goal of growth, and join Dagmar for a 6-hour workshop at our Durban office. If you are interested, please contact us. The fee for this VIP Day is R21 000.