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South African government funding and grants are all focused on providing funding for business ventures that can make a difference to the local economy. There are several entities that offer such funds.


Click the links below to view our insightful list of government funders available in South Africa or our Funding Information Blog. 







                            Our Process


1. Initiate:

Helping you find funding is our core business. We identify your most promising loan or grant options early in the project cycle and match your ambitions, objectives, intentions and investments with that funding programme.

This proactive approach leads to successful results. We not only “follow the money” and monitor available subsidy schemes, we also “follow our clients” to gain insight into their project. Over the years, this approach has benefited several of our clients.

2. Draft a Bankable Business Plan:

A business plan is a key element in gaining successful funding, and as such, taking the time to create and develop a clear, viable plan will demonstrate that you have done the time and thinking required to make a well-rounded business venture. We will help advise you on the strength and suitability of your business plan, and if you have not yet drafted one, we will assist you in drawing one up. Click here for more information.


3. Apply:

In the application phase, we prepare and submit your high-quality grant or loan applications to the appropriate funding authority, optimising your chances of success. We do this by gathering important and relevant information and preparing applications, providing advise on state aid rules, writing and filing grant and loan applications, and assisting in proposal evaluation and contract negotiations.

4. Ensure Compliance:

Loan and grant funding programmes have several pages of rules and regulations that people often do not take the time to read or understand. We make sure that you qualify for the relevant grant or loan programme and that you have the correct information and documentation required. We ensure that you fully comply with all the requirements, right through the claim process until the moment your funding payment is received.

5.Manage the Entire Process:

We assist you through this process, remind you of missing documentation when it is needed, and we update you and keep you informed of any changes to the process.

Let’s access your business. We need some basic details about your business and requirements. Please click the button below to fill out the assessment. Once we receive your details, we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Funding Application Assessment

Please fill out this form so we can advise you. In order to get started, we first need some information about your business and your requirements. We assure you that your information is completely safe with us, and we will not share this information with any third party without your approval. You will subscribe to our newsletter and you are able to unsubscribe at any time.

Once we receive your details, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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