You can choose out of our range of services, all aimed to help entrepreneurs to access funding for their start up business and business growth.

Funding Applications

  • Identifying grant and loan opportunities
  • Drawing up grant and loan proposals
  • Ensuring Compliance
  • Drawing up funding proposals according to the requirements of the appropriate funding authority
  • Project design & project management

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Business Plans

As a supporting service to funding applications, we help our clients develop clear and solid business plans.

  • Assessment of viability
  • To understand your true financial needs.
  • To think about the team and staff that you will require.
  • To decide a niche product or service and determine potential customers
  • To develop an effective marketing strategy
  • To find out about your competition and their strengths
  • To establish your costing and pricing
  • To determine your production process and operational challenges
  • To establish your requirements regarding machinery and equipment
  • To identify key strategic partners

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Coaching and Consulting

If you know you want to start your own business, but you do not know where to start you can book Dagmar as a Coach and she will guide you over a couple of weeks to develop your best business idea into a successful venture. We charge R 25.000 for this intensive one on one coaching programme.

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1/2 day Workshop

We hold regular workshops around the country to show entrepreneurs, how to approach the funding process. You will gain a solid understanding of:

  • The process of applying for loans and grants
  • The requirements of programmes
  • The key criteria of the different agencies
  • How to adjust and refine your business plan and application

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