We can help you with a wide range of services to helping you gain access to funding. You can choose from a range of business plan packages, funding application support, coaching and consulting services, and workshops.

If you need a clear and solid business plan, we can help you draft one. Our business plans are tailored to help you and the funders to:


  • Understand your business's true financial needs.

  • Think about the team and staff you required.

  • Decide on your niche product or service and specific target market.

  • Develop an effective marketing strategy.

  • Analyse your competition.

  • Establish your costing and pricing.

  • Determine the production process and operational challenges in your business.

  • Determine the machinery and equipment requirements.

  • Identify key strategic partners for the business.

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We will help guide and support you through the long and rigid process of acquiring funding. We help you:

  • Identify what loan and grant opportunities are available for your specific business venture.

  • Draw up your grant and loan proposals.

  • Draw up funding proposals according to the requirements of the appropriate funding institution.

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We want to help you start and grow your business. If you need more in-depth help doing that, Dagmar Breiling offers coaching and consulting services to help guide you through it. She will help develop your best business idea into a successful venture. 

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Registering your company is vital to apply for funding. Your company needs to be registered with CIPC.

We have comprehensive packages to suit your business needs.

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We also hold regular half-day and full-day workshops around the country to help show entrepreneurs how to approach the funding process. Throughout these workshops, we teach you:

  • The process of applying for loans and grants

  • The requirements for certain programmes.

  • The key criteria of different funding agencies.

  • How to adjust and refine your business plan and application.

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