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Working with Financial Documents


Business Meeting

Raising capital is essential for businesses to start, grow, or transform. You must determine whether you want to raise equity, debt, or a combination of the two, known as mezzanine financing. In the second stage, it's important to have a clear understanding of what investors are looking for, what they expect from you, and how you can meet their requirements. We are here to assist you.

We support you through the whole capital raising process by:

  • Identifying what funds are available for your business venture.

  • Developing the business plan and the financial forecast.

  • Designing your investor pitch deck where required.

  • Compiling the investor pack.

  • Approaching different funds on your behalf.

  • Presenting you and your idea.

  • Negotiate with financiers

Whether you require professional assistance for a specific project or a comprehensive approach to approaching financiers, our consulting sessions can assist you. Additionally, our extensive cross-border network can help you raise the necessary capital. Please get in touch with us!

We assisted thousands of entrepreneurs to start their businesses and grow their businesses. We developed their bankable business plans and assisted them in raising billions of Rands from Government Institutions, commercial banks, investors and international financiers.


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Raising Capital

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