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Inspired to get you started!

Does your business want to become a supplier for some of South Africa’s leading retailers?

Look no further; we are here to help. We have researched and compiled a list of useful links to guide you on how to become a supplier and get your business on the move.

Retailers who are wanting reliable suppliers look for the following attributes:

  • Your business is registered You have a developed product

  • A business plan that determines how much capital, cash flow, time and resources you will need to successfully manage and operate your business.

  • The company’s product must adhere to the strict product, legal and labelling requirements. 

  • All ingredients and raw materials used in manufacturing your products will be required to have full traceability of the source, quality, shelf life and full ingredients statement.

  • Your facility will be required to meet the minimum food safety standards and undergo a Food Safety Audit.

  • This audit includes the following key requirements; requirements for safe food production, quality management systems, factory capabilities and supply chain management.

  • Starting your own business is not something you should rush into or take lightly. You should also take into consideration your target market and which retailer would represent and sell your product best as well as who would successfully reach your target audience.

View our list of links below to help with your decision process:

Pick N’ Pay:




There are so many opportunities for your business to thrive and grow. Let us help you to realise all of your business aspirations and contact us!


Chaven Yenketswamy
Chaven Yenketswamy
Nov 24, 2022

Most entrepreneurs overlook the legislative details and regulations which is becoming more stringent in SA. These compliance criteria can be quite expensive in terms of Audits, additional skilled resources, changes to infrastructure and operational requirements.


How do I register on Coca Cola SAs supplier data base

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