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Great Opportunities for South African Entrepreneurs

Major corporates are pulling out of South Africa, leaving room for locals to lead the way.


In recent developments, speculation surrounds Shell's potential departure from South Africa, potentially freeing up significant market share. This uncertainty presents opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore acquisitions or devise specialized business plans for petrol stations.

Recent events, such as BHP's bid for Anglo American, a part of which would be to cut ties with SA mining operations and Chevrolet's exit from the market in 2022, reflect shifting dynamics, and what appears to be international concerns over the state of doing business in South Africa. Additionally, rumours surfaced in 2023 that Volkswagen is considering a similar move.


The world’s 6th largest bank, France-based BNP Paribas, has engaged in commercial banking operations in South Africa since 2012 but will exit the country as well as others on the African continent to shift focus to Asia and Europe.


As international giants reconsider their presence in our country, it's an opportune moment for South African entrepreneurs to step forward and shape the future of our industries. Contact us how we can assist you here:


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