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Creative ideas to ADAPT & TRANSFORM - GET ONLINE

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has reached South Africa, we have compiled a list of ideas that could help keep local businesses afloat:

1. Small, local Cafés and restaurants may begin struggling with running costs due to less customers in stores. We suggest setting up a delivery service (either in house or another company can be used) to do home deliveries.

2. There is sufficient business opportunity for people who shop for the elderly or people who have prior illnesses that can be the most susceptible to the new virus outbreak. The company can organize people to shop for these vulnerable groups as they can’t afford to put themselves at risk in crowded shopping malls.

3. Further to this idea, instead of going to shopping malls, the people rather bulk buy from local restaurants for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, as there is less strain on supermarkets.

4. Limiting contact when delivering orders will help keep everyone healthy, so from today, a new feature enables customers to choose ‘contact-free delivery’ at check-out. If customers choose this, their rider/deliverer will leave their food at their door rather than handing it over to the client.

5, South African Personal Trainers

There have been a few proactive personal trainers or gym instructors who have seen the changing environment and adapted. As gyms are closing and social gatherings have been limited, they have created a genius idea. Many people will be stuck at home for self-isolation, so they will sell clients a workout pack, that includes various items of equipment, such as skipping ropes, weights etc. They will then host live videos or create private Facebook groups with guided workout routines for clients to do on their own at home, as many people will want to keep to their daily routine as much as possible, which includes working out.

6. Setting up an Online Shop - Now is the time to take into account the changing macro environment and adapt your business to the safety or your staff and customer’s needs. Offer your products or services online, this will help at the moment but will also increase your customer base and your sales in the long run.

Get Online is a package to help you with this. The technical challenging parts are the setting up of the Online Shop, the implementation of Payfast as a payment gateway and to connect the two. You need this payment gateway, so people can pay with their South African debit and credit card or via EFT. Adding the first products is usually easy and adding more is no problem.

Included in this great package is:

1. setting up your Shopify Shop

2. including 5 products or services

3. assisting you to set up Payfast - the South African Payment gateway

4. Showing you how to add more products or services to your shop, so you don't need any support to add products, change prices or delete products, via videos,

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