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We have launched a new and improved GET ONLINE COURSE. Keep your business on track by combating the changing environment and transform your services company. Elevate your business to the 21st century with our 4-Steps online course that will give you the vital knowledge to increase your sales online. 

 If you wish to create or expand a sustainable business and grow it to an online market then this course is for you!

This programme is in response to numerous requests we have had due to the changing environment. It is a comprehensive course, giving you everything you need, to get you started and set up for success.

Why should you go online?

We have researched and found that many companies are shifting more and more to online platforms. This is because more people in South Africa are spending their time online! So why not promote your products/services and make it easy for them to purchase from you. With a simple click of a button your services can be booked or products can be sold. Online platforms are also a great way to teach potential customers about your services/products, create brand awareness and most importantly, increase sales! 

To further prove to you why you should GET ONLINE, we have researched the following statistics:

  • 31.18 million active internet users in South Africa (Statista, 2019).

  • 28.99 million active mobile internet users in South Africa (Statista, 2019).

  • South Africans spend an average of 8 hours and 32 minutes on the internet per day via any device (We Are Social, 2018).

  • Percentage of South African population that uses: any type of mobile phone (85%), smartphone (60%), laptop or desktop computer (24%), tablet computer (12%), TV of any kind (82%), device for streaming internet content to TV (3%), e-reader device (1%) and wearable tech device (2%) (We Are Social, 2018).

  • 61% of South African internet users prefer to complete tasks digitally whenever possible (We Are Social, 2018).

  • Preferred payment methods of online shoppers in South Africa as of August 2017: credit card (45%), debit card (21%), bank transfer (20%), PayPal (7%) and other (8%) (Statista, 2019).

  • 47% of South African internet users searched online for a product or service to buy in the past 30 days (We Are Social, 2018).

  • 49% of South African internet users visited an online retail store in the past 30 days (We Are Social, 2018).


We help you with the technical challenging parts such as; setting up of the Online Shop, the implementation of Payfast as a payment gateway and to connect the two online platforms. You need this payment gateway, so people can pay with their South African debit and credit card or via EFT. Adding the first products is usually easy and adding more is no problem! Included in this great package is: 


1. Setting up your Shopify Shop. We will set up a professional and visually appealing online store. This will help your customers easily find your products/services, give them a great online experience when dealing with your brand and help them easily make payment. 

2. Clearly create up to 5 products or services that you wish to offer on the online store! We will set this up on your behalf.  

3. Assisting you to set up Payfast - the South African Payment gateway. Setting up a newsletter system. We will guide you through the process of effectively setting up the payment gateway. This is a vital tool to help your customers easily pay and most importantly hassle free for you to get sales. 

4: Teach you how to add more products/services to your shop, so you don't need any support to add products, change prices or delete products.  This will show you how to effectively use the platform to its full potential.

You will also receive a FREE Online Toolkit Guide, that includes all our favourite online tools. 

All modules are online and include templates and checklists.  

Usual Price: R5800


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