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Unlock Your Business Potential with Funding Connection
Your Path to Financial Success


Funding Connection, established in 2017, is the leading business plan consultancy in South Africa. With a success rate of over 80%, we have helped more than 30,000 clients secure funding, raising over R 70 billion. We work closely with government institutions, commercial banks, and select financiers, submitting applications and raising funds every week. Trust us to be your reliable partner in raising the capital you need for your business.

Whether you're starting up or expanding, we provide comprehensive services to help you obtain funding. Our team of experts, including business plan writers, research specialists, marketing experts, coaches, and consultants, will guide you throughout the process. We offer services such as business plan writing, feasibility studies, funding application assistance, pitch deck presentations, company profiles, and professional consulting tailored to your venture.

In addition, we have developed "How To" guidebooks for various businesses, enhancing your knowledge and promoting growth.


Our commitment to confidentiality ensures that your information and ideas are protected. We prioritise supporting SMMEs and local entrepreneurs to foster the growth of the South African economy. Contact us with confidence, knowing that your information will be handled securely and that we are dedicated to your success.

We assist with:

Business Plan

Having a solid business plan is essential for a successful funding application. That's why we offer expert assistance in developing clear and concise business plans. We'll be with you every step of the way, providing guidance and support to ensure that your business idea is presented in the most successful and profitable manner possible.

Financial Model

All financiers anticipate receiving a financial forecast to gain insight into the future trajectory of your business over the next five or ten years.

While you may be at ease in crafting the business plan, creating a financial forecast proves challenging for numerous business owners. We can assist you.

Company Profiles

A well design company profile will assist you to present your business to your potential clients, landlords and is required as part of your tender documents. We have a team of experts to showcase your unique mission, goals, vision, and history.

Market Research

Our market research services aim to provide comprehensive insights and analysis to assist businesses in making informed decisions. We offer a range of services tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives Click the button below to contact us. 

Support to Apply for Funding

We provide support to both start-up and established companies seeking to raise capital and secure grants or loans. With over 70 different programmes available for businesses in various industries in South Africa, we can help you identify the most suitable options for your specific needs.

Company Proposal

A business proposal is a formal document presented to prospective clients or partners to outline a proposed solution or offering for a specific business need or opportunity. It serves as a persuasive tool to convince the recipient that your proposed solution is the right choice for them. Click the button below to contact us.

Books and Courses

We've created a range of exclusive and insightful guidebooks tailored to selected South African industries. Our in-depth marketing guides are designed to kickstart your sales, and we've also compiled entrepreneur guides that cover critical aspects of managing a successful business.

Investor Pitch Deck

An investor pitch deck is a crucial tool for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking funding from potential investors. It is a presentation that provides a concise and compelling overview of your business, highlighting its value proposition, market potential, and growth prospects. We are here to assist you.


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