Impact Investment from the US is looking for proposals from South Africa. The following reflects the key criteria entrepreneurs must be compliant with to apply.

The business must:

1. Be able to demonstrate clear market demand and/or have 1 year track record 2. Be seeking equity, debt and/or mezzanine financing 3. Require growth capital between USD 200,000 and USD 5 million 4. Demonstrate clear positive socio-economic and/or environmental impact and 5. Be located in Sub-Saharan Africa

They will consider applications from different sectors including Education, Agriculture, Health Care, Green Technology, Financial services and Housing.

Impact Amplifier is accepting applications until 15th June, 2013 from entrepreneurs who are seeking either debt, equity or mezzanine financing for their business. The businesses or entrepreneurs we are looking for are unique in that they must have both high growth and positive social / environmental impact potential to be considered. The successful entrepreneur applicants will possess the potential to thrive commercially and make real financial returns while also making a meaningful contribution to environmental conservation and or social justice. This is the impact we are seeking. Impact Amplifier is sourcing potential investment opportunities for a range of Impact Investors both in South Africa and outside of the country.

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