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Our new online workshops focus on bringing you insightful information about funding opportunities for businesses which are negatively affected, directly or indirectly, due to the Corona-virus pandemic. Each workshop will focus on a specific funding scheme.

Below are the different workshops that we have hosted! The recorded versions are now available for you to view. Simply click the button to pay the nominal fee and you will receive the recorded workshop.

How Zoom Works

How Zoom works is through the link provided, it will take you to an online meeting room. The signal is far more stable and better quality than Skype and all you need to access it is a strong internet connection.

The online workshops work on both your mobile and your computer/laptop, it is up to you on whichever device you are most comfortable using.


How to get to the online meeting room:

  1. Click the Zoom link we provide you with  

  2. Click the link just before the workshop is about to begin and it will download to your laptop/cellphone/computer

  3. A message will pop up about the audio and you just need to click “allow audio to connect” so we can hear and see each other.

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