Funding Connection is proud to launch the second round of this unique training program for entrepreneurs who wish to create a sustainable business while making a positive difference in the South African business environment.

This program is in response to numerous requests we have had over the last few years and is designed to be a comprehensive course, giving you everything you need to get you started and set you up for success.

Every year, more than R25 billion is available for entrepreneurs in South Africa from the Government institutions alone. Organisations like DTI, SEDA and IDC, have numerous programs for qualifying businesses.

Unfortunately, most companies have no idea about the different programs they are eligible for, and how to go about accessing them. This is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs like you to become Funding Experts, helping companies to access these funds.

Whether you choose to position yourself as a Funding Strategist, Funding Specialist or Funding Consultant, this is a lucrative opening with numerous revenue models.


  • you’re looking for a unique business opportunity in an uncrowded market.

  • you are passionate about entrepreneurship and want to help others succeed.

  • you already have experience or qualifications in the fields of accounting, finance or business.

  • you have experience in drawing up business plans.

  • Even better if you are an entrepreneur and have experience in running your own business.




This is an opportunity to become a Funding Expert, create a successful business and provide a key service to South African entrepreneurs.

After many years of being a funding strategist within the South African funding arena, and more than 20 years of international business experience, I’ve decided it’s time to move to the next level. I’ve decided to share everything I know and create a network of Funding Specialists. I intend to mentor and nurture these entrepreneurs towards success. This also means making a bigger difference to South African businesses and the South African economy.

From what I’ve seen in this industry, there’s definitely an opportunity for more people to enter this space and make a difference. I believe in collaboration over competition, and believe we can together create a force for positive change.

So I’ve developed this comprehensive training program that will teach you everything you need to know about this industry and how to go about setting up your business. I’m looking forward to working closely with you to help you succeed.


Module 1: Introduction, Understanding the business, different loans and grants, how-to guide your clients.

Module 2: All about Grants, various programs, how to choose the best one for your client, assessment, guidelines and case studies,

Module 3: Loans, various programs, how to choose the best one for your client, assessment, guidelines and case studies,

Module 4: Equity funding

Module 5: Business Plan, key components, presentation, research, communication with clients, templates

Module 6: Financial Forecast, 

Module 7: Revenue Models

Module 8: Organise your Office

Module 9: Marketing your services

This is a unique opening for a select group of entrepreneurs to engage with me and turn this opportunity into a real sustainable business. There will be only limited spaces in this program, so we urge you to act fast if you want to confirm your space. We will start on the 4th of November 2019 and the course will be only R 29.900. 

Usual Price: R 49900

NOW ONLY R 29900

Pay in 3 instalments!

Usual Price: R 49.900

3 X R 10.900