You want to become self-employed.

Maybe you are not too sure what are the first steps and what will be the best idea for you.
We developed some worksheets and a little guide to help you determine “Your successful business idea”
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Do you know the 3 key elements of any successful business idea?

You need to determine

A What you can do
B What you love to do and
C Where you can earn money.

To help you to find your best business idea we will send you a package of worksheets.

In an easy step by step programme you will be able to find out:

1. You will see it is not only about education.

2. You will see what ideas are successful but you will be bored!

3. You will see what ideas will remain dreams.

4. You will figure out what business will make you happy, but you will be poor.

5. We show you what ideas are successful and make you happy!

For only R 150.00 we will send you the package via email including worksheets and a guide to develop your best individual business idea.
You want the printed version, no problem, add R 20.00 for postage and printing and receive the printed version.

Please contact us under for further information and the payment options.

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