Did you know that every year,
more than R25 billion are available to entrepreneurs in South Africa?
Unfortunately, most applications to the funding agencies are declined.


This is because most people take an incorrect approach to business planning and creation, and don’t really understand what the funding institutions are looking for. Organisations like, DTI, SEDA and IDC are there to assist entrepreneurs and the South African economy, but can’t really do so if the business ventures are not viable.

To make it easy and accessible for you, we at Funding Connection offer this workshop now also as a webinar, so you can attend this webinar in your own time and you don’t need to travel. You still have the possibility afterwards to contact our Funding Strategist Dagmar Breiling and ask all the questions.

Dagmar covers in this webinar:

  1. How do financiers think?
  2. What do you need to have in place to successfully apply for funding?
  3. What do you need to cover in your bankable business plan
  4. Which institution will take your application into consideration?
  5. Which documentation do you require for a successful application?


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Here is what you get:

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The workbook, so you can make your notes.

Usual Price: R 970

Now only R 390

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Here’s what others have to say:


“I am a business consultant and must say, Dagmar is absolutely right in all her comments and explains the process very well.”

~ Peter

“Thanks for the great content, I understand now the thinking of the financiers, this will help me immensely with my funding application”

Rita N.


“Nice and straightforward approach, a clear step by step process to help with this funding process.”

~ Nokulunga M.


This is a great overview on how to apply for funding and will save you hundreds of hours in research.

Pay via credit card / debit card / EFT

Delivered to your inbox instantly.

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