Funding Connection’s own DIY Business Plan Templates and Course: You want to start your own business and need to apply for funding? One of the most important parts of your application is your business plan. Dagmar Breiling, our intentional experienced Funding Strategist developed this 4-week course, so you can do the business plan on your own with an expert on your side.

    This course is for you:

  • if you want to draft your business plan on your own.
  • if you do have enough time.
  • if you are on a tight budget.
    You will receive our templates for the written part and for the financial part. In the 9 modules, you will be guided through the whole process, develop your own business plan and get tips and tricks, so your business plan will be accepted by all relevant Funding Institutions.

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    Here is what you get:

1. Template for the written part of the business plan

2. Template for the financial part of the business plan

3. The 9 Modules:

Module 1: Your product and services, your suppliers and your cost prices

Module 2: Your Market, your ideal client, your competition, how to find your customers

Module 3: Your Sales and Marketing Strategies, your low cost and no cost marketing strategy, online vs offline marketing strategies, your price structure, your distribution channel. Your unique selling point, your positioning,

Module 4: The Management and your team, your administration set up,

Module 5: Your best name, company registration,

Module 6: Financial Model includes the excel template with one page, where you will insert all the numbers we developed together before. This template includes all the relevant pages so you can successfully apply for finance or raise equity funding. Cash flow statement, income statements for 5 years, first year per month, balance sheet for 5 years and the monthly amortisation schedule for 5 years. Insurance required,

Module 7: How much capital do you really need?

Module 8: Executive Summary

Module 9: After all this work you can now add the information into the word template

(Don’t worry, these templates will be easy to use. We will first work through all the information required and after that you just need to copy the content into the template of the business plan. The financial part has only one page where you will need to insert all the relevant information and the rest will be done by excel.)

     Bonus: Get Funded Webinar – Dagmar will explain what you need to have in place to be able to apply for funding with Government Institutions, commercial banks and Development Funds.

Usual Price: R 6900

Now only R 2.500

Save R 4.400! (For a limited time only)

Here’s what others have to say:

“I am a business consultant and must say, Dagmar is absolutely right in all her comments and explains the process very well.” ~ Peter

“Thanks for the great content, I understand now the thinking of the financiers, this will help me immensely with drafting my business plan and later with my funding application”

Rita N.

“Nice and straightforward approach, a clear step by step process..”

~ Thandeka K.

Pay via credit card / debit card / EFT

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We guarantee that this course contains highly valuable advice and resources for entrepreneurs wishing to apply for funding. If you are not totally satisfied with the product, just tell us why and return it after the first 2 Modules for a full refund!

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