Having an operating business and office is a stressful endeavour, and keeping them organised is even harder. If you are looking for tips, tricks and support to help you maintain order in your business, take a look at this guidebook.

This book will show you how to organise your office in a few easy steps and it gives you various templates for monthly and daily office use to make your business doings easier. These tips and tricks will help you save time, gain control and be prepared.

Dagmar and her assistant Cindy compiled all the templates they are using to organise their office. In this book, you will receive the following templates as well as several tips to stay organised:

  • Weekly planner.

  • To-do list.

  • Shopping list.

  • Stationary list.

  • Purchase order.

  • Invoice.

  • Delivery note.

  • Courier tracker.

  • Supplier contracts.

  • Phone call log.

  • Asset register.

  • Maintenance sheets.

  • Fuel log.

  • Insurance sheets.

  • Finance sheets.

Usual Price: R590


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