1. We identify which option of our business plans you require.

  2. We send you a quote and once we receive payment, we send you a questionnaire to begin the process.

  3. A project manager will be allocated to you and he/she will schedule a private consulting session to discuss your business venture in more detail. 

  4. Once the project manager has received all the information they require, they will complete your business plan and financial forecast.

  5. The documents are then sent to you, and you will get a certain amount of time to review and do any changes to the documents for free.

  6. Once you are happy with the documents, you can then opt to use our funding support services, which is our step 2 below: 


  1. Once we receive the payment for the funding application service, we begin the process.

  2. We determine what type of industry and which funding agency you qualify for.

  3. Our Loan & Grant Applications department will contact you and request certain documents that funders need.

  4. The department will compile the documents and send you the completed application forms for your signature.

  5. Once everything is in order and the department has all the documents required, they will apply on your behalf. Funding Agencies take between 2 – 6 months for the loan process.

  6. The applications department continuously follow up with the funding agencies and send you the important feedback, to keep you, as the valued client, updated and informed from beginning to end of the process.