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Funding Connection Pty Ltd has grown as a business team aimed at offering customer-focused services to buzzing entrepreneurs and business owners. Our services are tailored to help guide entrepreneurs through their business ventures and to their success by aiding them with a variety of unique and specialised services.

With quality services, Funding Connection does its best to help its clients achieve greatness and envisions to do this across all English-speaking African countries.

Our objective at Funding Connection is to grow the South African economy through the development of SMME's and local entrepreneurs.

We offer guidance to those looking to start-up or expand a business in the form of business consulting, drafting specialised and expert business plans and financial forecasts, full support and advice through the funding application process, and numerous “How To” guidebooks for those looking for a taste of a new industry venture. Funding Connection consists of a tight-knit team of experts, with business plan writers, researcher specialists, marketing experts, coaches and consultants.

When you contact us, your information is confidential. We treat your information with absolute care and we will never give your ideas or personal information to anyone. To get a sneak peek into how we do things and our operations, please click here!

We offer a wide range of professional services to help existing or startup businesses. Our 3 most popular services are Business Plans, Helping you to Apply for Funding and our Shop, as featured below: 

A key elements for a successful funding application is a solid business plan.We help you to develop clear and solid business plans. We will coach you every step of the way to ensure you have a profitable business idea. 

Business Plans

We assist existing and start-up companies to access grants and loans. South Africa offers over  

70 different programs for business, each of them has 20 pages rules and regulation.We will assist you to determine your best option.

Support to Apply for Funding

We offer a wide range of useful digital products to help you build your business and get funding with our expert knowledge. We also have exclusive and insightful guidebooks for selected South African industries. 


Helping our clients to Succeed!



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